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Mace (Myristica fragrans from the Myristicaceae family) is the scarlet lacy covering which surrounds the hard black shell of the nutmeg. The flavour is aromatic, sweet, warm and rich. Indonesia and Grenada are the world's main sources of mace and nutmeg.

The history of mace is closely tied to the history of nutmeg for obvious reasons, though the two items have been treated separately. Because the yield of mace is much less than Nutmeg's it has had greater value. A pile of fruit large enough to make one hundred pounds of nutmeg produces a single pound of mace. When the Dutch controlled the Moluccas (the Spice Islands), one colonial administrator sent orders that the colonists should plant fewer nutmeg trees and more mace trees. It is sweet and fragrant, similar to nutmeg, but stronger, with a warm, sharp, aromatic, intense and slightly sweeter flavour than nutmeg.

Mace and nutmeg are very similar, though mace is somewhat more powerful. Mace is a lighter colour and can be used in light-coloured dishes where the darker flecks of nutmeg would be undesirable. Small amounts will enhance many recipes, adding fragrance without imposing too much flavour.

Plantation - fresh Spice Route Nutmeg

Spice Route Mace comes from our plantations in Rajapara, Kerala - India. Mace is carefully handpicked and processed using a unique post-harvest technique wherein its essential oils, aroma, flavour and freshness are retained for longer periods.

Spice Route Mace is available in eco-friendly PET jars and flexible refill pouches with zip-lock technology to ensure that you get all the natural aroma, flavour and freshness every time you buy.

Retail packs - 25g dispenser jars
Bulk quantities - as per your requirements


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